Matt Gieselman | Scuba Diving in Bahia de los Angeles

Scuba Diving in Bahia de los Angeles

I went on my second dive trip in as many years to Bahia de los Angeles, the 406 mile trip down was mostly uneventful although I did get pulled over by the Federales for passing in a no passing zone.  I got lucky, the Federales got a more important call and let me go.

The trip down with stops took us about 12 hours, you can do it in 8 or so if you just stop for gas.  In Bahia we stayed at Villa Bahia which has A/C from 7 PM to 7 AM, it's hot and humid in Bahia but tolerable after the sun goes down.

This year as in years past we used Ricardo's Diving Tours to shuttle us to the various local dive spots.  Ricardo does an excellent job and has the best outfitted pangas I have ever been on, with marine radios, oxygen and life jackets.  It may not seem like a luxury but Ricaro's panga has a ladder which makes for an easy exit.  

Ricardo picked us up each morning in front of Villa Bahia and took us out for 2 dives per day, at the end of the day Ricardo filled our tanks and rinsed our gear, he gets bonus points for that.  The visibility (20-40 feet) this year was less than last year however the lack of vis meant more plankton and more plankon meant more Whale Sharks.  We got to dive with a total of 8 or so Whale Sharks varying in size from 12 to about 21 feet.   

Water temperature ran from 77 to 81 degrees. 

Here are some pictures from the trip. 

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