Matt Gieselman | M37 Brakes

M37 Brakes

Part numbers:

Wheel cylinders left (Driver’s) - NAPA 3595
Wheel cylinders right (Passenger) – NAPA 3596

Flex lines front - NAPA UBP4000 (3 required)
Flex line rear - NAPA UBP4900 (1 required)
These lines do not have the line armor like the originals.

Master cylinder – NAPA UP 544

Ordering from one of the parts suppliers here will save you money compared to NAPA’s prices and they can also provide brake shoes.

Brakes schematic:


My brake shoe anchor bolts were seized so I used a C Frame Press readily available from Harbor Freight to press them out.  The press shown below made fairly quick work of removal.


the anchors are held in by 5/8”-18 nuts with lock washers, I replaced those since the originals were fairly rusty.

The wheel cylinders for the M37 come in left and right variants, the large piston always goes to the rear of the vehicle.


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