Matt Gieselman | Jeep TJ Rear D44 Axle Seal and Bearing Replacement

Jeep TJ Rear D44 Axle Seal and Bearing Replacement

Parts Required:

  • Axle retaining nuts and bolts x 8 Chrysler part 5080665AA (Do not reuse the old bolts and nuts, the nuts I got from a hardware store, they are 3/8” x 24 thread lock nuts.)
  • Bearing, bearing retainer and axle seal x 2 (Randy’s Ring and Pinion, about $100 with shipping.)
  • RTV
  • Brake or other high temperature grease

Tools Required:

  • Torque wrench
  • Metric box wrench set
  • Dead blow hammer (Only if your rotors are stuck)
  • Spring hook tool
  • C clamp

Torque Values:

  • Caliper bolts – 11 ft/lb
  • Lug nuts – 85 – 115 ft/lb
 Axle Seal 032 After removing the wheels compress the caliper using a C clamp, this will make removing and installing the caliper easier.
Axle Seal 008 Remove the caliper bolts then remove the caliper by pulling at the bottom perpendicular to the axle.  Use a zip tie to secure the caliper so it doesn’t hang by the brake hose.
Axle Seal 030 With the caliper out of the way remove the rotor, if it’s stuck you can use a dead blow hammer or rubber mallet to provide some persuasion.
Axle Seal 011 Remove the spring using the spring hook tool. Next remove the adjuster and the two hold down clips.
Axle Seal 002 Remove the return spring, then the parking brake shoes by pulling them away perpendicular to the axle.
Axle Seal 006 Remove the retaining plate nuts, as you can see mine were coated in differential lube where the axle seal failed.

Pull firmly on the end of the axle shaft and it should pull out, the bearing race may stay in the end of the axle housing, you should be able to pull it out by hand.
Axle Seal 023 Clean up the brake parts with degreaser and brake cleaner, be sure not to get any breaker cleaner on any of the painted or rubber parts.
Axle Seal 007 I took my shafts to a machine shop and had them remove the bearing retainer and bearing and install the new parts.

If you have a drill press the bearing retainer can be removed by drilling a 3/8” hole in the retainer then using a chisel to crack and remove the retainer.

The bearing can be removed using a splitter and shop press.
Axle Seal 022 Put a thin coat of axle grease on the inner surface of the seal before installing it on the axle shaft.

Before installing the axle shaft put a thin coating of RTV on the axle seal to help ensure a leak free seal.
  During assembly be sure to lube the caliper bolts and anti-rattle clips with brake or high temperature grease.

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