Matt Gieselman | Honda Ridgeline Door Lock Actuator Replacement

Honda Ridgeline Door Lock Actuator Replacement

My passenger side door lock died a slow death and finally stopped working, after picking up the service manual on eBay I decided to give repairing the lock myself a go.  This procedure is for the passenger side door, the driver side will be similar but not identical because of the lock cylinder.

Parts Required:

  • Passenger side door lock actuator 72115-SDA-A01
  • Driver side door lock actuator 72155-SDA-A01

Tools Required:

  • Trim pad remover (I picked one up at Sears for $8)
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Flat head screwdriver
  • 10mm socket
  • 8mm socket
Ridgeline Door Lock 003 Lower window glass fully then remove the mirror mount cover by pulling at the top and lifting up.
Ridgeline Door Lock 004 Pull back the inner handle and push in on the notch at the bottom, this will pop out the cover.
Ridgeline Door Lock 005 Remove the 2 bolts holding the inner handle then remove the handle.
Ridgeline Door Lock 006 On the backside of the inner handle is the inner handle cable, rotate the blue cable latch 90 degrees and then remove the cable latch head and pull out on the green retainer.
Ridgeline Door Lock 002 Remove the pull pocket lid then remove the phillips screw.
Ridgeline Door Lock 008 Remove the 3 screws behind the inner door handle.
Ridgeline Door Lock 032 Now remove the 8 trim pad clips with the trim pad remover tool.  Once all 8 pads are removed start with the back of door panel and pull upward, be sure not to use too much force.

The door panel should come off without too much effort, once it does unplug the door switch harness and courtesy light plug.
  Raise window glass fully and pull away the white plastic sheet starting with the end by the lock, only pull it back halfway.
Ridgeline Door Lock 014
Ridgeline Door Lock 015
With the plastic sheet our of the way remove the glass channel retainer bolt, then remove the retainer by pulling down until it is completely off the rubber channel.
Ridgeline Door Lock 020 Disconnect the outer handle rod, first rotate the plastic retainer clip 90 degrees then pull the rod out.
Ridgeline Door Lock 018 Remove the screw securing the lock knob and the 2 clips holding the inner handle cable.
Ridgeline Door Lock 013 Detach the actuator connectors and cable clip.
 Ridgeline Door Lock 019 Remove the 3 screws holding the latch and remove the latch through the hole in the door.
Ridgeline Door Lock 022 The latch mechanism.
Ridgeline Door Lock 023 Remove the plastic access cover to allow access to the lock actuator.
Ridgeline Door Lock 024 Once the access cover is removed you can see the lock actuator and the screw that holds it in place.
Ridgeline Door Lock 031 Rotate the purple retainer clip and remove the door lock cable, next remove the actuator retainer screw.
Ridgeline Door Lock 026 Now that disassembly is complete install the new actuator and reassemble the door.
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