Matt Gieselman | A second M37 (aka The Patriot)

A second M37 (aka The Patriot)

Monroe County Indiana had an auction that included a 1954 Dodge M37 that had been restored by the county around 1988, a few bids later by my nephew and the truck was all mine.  Having a second M37 makes putting the first one back together much easier.

patriot_article To the left is an article from the Monroe County Herald from February of 1988 detailing parts of the restoration, even though the truck was restored in 1988 that was still 20 years ago.
Patriot 009 I call the truck The Patriot because it has a red, white and blue color scheme. 
Patriot 016  
Patriot 017 Patriot 012 The truck is equipped with a Super-X 24 volt siren from Federal Sign and Signal Corporation.
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